Patented system for quick laying
of ceramic tile flooring without joints and without adhesives

Tile laying has never been so convenient, clean and quick.

Your new porcelain stoneware tile flooring in just a few hours
without joints, adhesives or grout.



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Installation advantages

  • Quick to lay
  • Cleaner installation without mortal paste or grout
  • No wait time before walking on your new floor
  • Suitable for residential
    and light commercial use
  • No problem with humidity and water,
    can be installed in bathrooms too


Cost advantages

  • Installation without adhesives
  • You can “do it yourself”
  • The product can be removed
    and re-used


Aesthetic advantages

  • No joints
  • You can change the floor
    and overall look of the room

Porcelain stoneware a compact, colored, non-porous ceramic. This material is very durable, resistant to chemicals, easy to clean and won’t wear over time. Porcelain stoneware does not absorb water and is highly resistant to abrasion, so it won’t show wear from foot traffic and use.


womanDid you know that I installed Del Conca Fast in one morning and changed the entire look of my living room? That evening at dinner nobody could believe me…

familySay goodbye to the work zone in your home — finally the quality of porcelain stoneware tile and the ease of a floating floor without dirtying with glue and grout.

manBy installing Del Conca Fast, I didn’t have to leave home for even a day — I just moved the furniture to the side and put it right back on my new floor.

womanThis Spring I installed Del Conca Fast in one night and the day after my store looked brand new, ready for the new collections.

worker1I’m not afraid of the washer leaking anymore because water is no problem for the Del Conca Fast floating floor. The porcelain stoneware floor dries quickly and is just as beautiful as before.

boyBy installing Del Conca Fast I saved 500 euros just in adhesive and grout.

familyMy husband is handy around the house — he was able to install Del Conca Fast on his own and we went on an amazing vacation with the 1500 euros we saved.

boyThe house I live in is rented, but I was happy to install Del Conca Fast because I can pull it up and install it again in another house.

womanFinally a porcelain stoneware tile that can be installed without joints: beauty and practicality in the same product.

manI live in a rented house and I don’t like the flooring the owner put in — I installed Del Conca Fast and when I move out I can leave it just like it was before.

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